About Me

Spiritual Coach. Tarot Reader. Intuitive.

As a Spiritual Coach, Tarot reader & Intuitive specializing in meaningful Life Engagement, I focus on facilitating and highlighting the importance of direct emotional connection between the unique internal self and the external environment. Using the principles of curiosity, courage and contemplation I work intuitively with each client to unlock, illuminate and meaningfully live their highest and most authentic potential.


My Approach

Easy. Adaptable. Intuitive. Fun! Four themes I bring to every client reading. I believe an authentic life experience starts with connection. Connection to self and the ability to connect yourself with others. My goal is to help break down the barriers preventing you from emotionally connecting your authentic self to your external environment, freeing you to find what happiness, meaning and fulfillment feel like uniquely for you. P.S. I love what I do and I'm good at it! Let me utilize my years of experience helping others illuminate the answers to life's most important questions to help you do the same.


My Philosophy

Spiritual Health plays a key role in our overall health as a unique individual. Good Spiritual Health is when we have a healthy sense of self in relation to what lies external to us. Simply put, Spiritual Health directly relates to how well we can authentically live ourselves into life. When we pay attention to our Spiritual Health we are better able to emotionally experience an overall understanding of where we fit as individual, allowing us to live an empowered, purposeful and fulfilled life. Tarot, and applied Intuitive Systems (Astrology & Numerology), are just a few of the many ways we can maintain excellent Spiritual Health.


My Commitment

Just as I'm committed to helping my daughter live courageously as her most authentic self, I bring the same commitment to you. In helping to illuminate and clarify areas in your life that seem unclear or blocked, I look forward to helping you discover what it feels like to live a truly authentic, free and empowered life experience. I am committed to helping you live a more meaningful, fulfilling and personally aware life through the understanding of who you are and why you are so uniquely important. 

Why is it So Important to Answer Your Own "I Am...?" Question? 

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