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"I Am...?" Illuminated (1 Hr)

Designed to illuminate your unique self.

SPRING SALE $111 (Reg $150)

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This reading is designed to illuminate your unique motivations, modes of self expression, and path ahead.

Your 1 hour pre-recorded tarot reading and intuitive discussion of your unique numerology & astrology aspects will:

● Provide you with a detailed worksheet listing the numerological breakdown of your Life Path, Soul’s Urge, and Self Expression numbers, based on Pythagorean numerological calculations. Includes three contemplative questions designed to engage you with the personal importance of each number.
● Include a 1 Hour video which will include a tarot reading and intuitive look at each of your divine numbers, highlighting their meaning, and identifying your unique motivations and spiritual purpose.
● Provide you with one area of self to focus on, illuminating the first steps to get you back on your path to personal fulfillment.

Like being handed a lantern to illuminate the hidden parts of your innermost self, this reading is designed to bring awareness to what personally motivates you (your why), the mode through which you best express yourself (your how), and the area of life where focus and success will bring the most emotional fulfillment (your what).

*This reading requires that you provide your full birth date and full birth name at the time of booking (these are used to calculate your Life Path, Soul’s Urge, and Self Expression Numbers).

*All 1 Hour “I Am ...” Illuminated readings are delivered via email within 72 hours of order submission.

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