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Illumination Reading (30 Min)

A 30-minute illumination reading delivered to you within 48 hours.


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Your 30 minute pre-recorded tarot reading will:

● Illuminate an emotional, physical or mental challenge keeping you from shining at your brightest
● Highlight what you will illuminate for both yourself and others in facing this challenge
● Provide advice on how to navigate and face this challenge successfully

It is in facing life challenges where we see our unique selves and what we are truly capable of most clearly. Like a superhero who has yet to discover their unique super power, often we as individuals can go through much of life without discovering ours. Imagine if SuperMan never knew he could fly? Or SpiderMan to swing with ease from building to building? Just like the fictional worlds in which these heros live, our world needs your unique super power now more than ever. This reading is designed to help illuminate a unique part of yourself and how it connects to and benefits others in fearlessly facing and navigating a personal life challenge. You do not have to be familiar with tarot cards or energy healing to receive a benefit from this reading.

*All 30 Minute Illumination readings are delivered via email within 48 hours of order submission

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